I really liked the idea that I was given in Glass & Mirror Decorations to put glass on the doors of the upper kitchen cabinets, and I feel satisfied to have made the change because I never imagined the change that the kitchen would have. I stop being bored and old kitchen for one with more life and modern. Thank you for your advice Glass & Mirror Decoration!
Carlos G.

When I started the wall-to-wall mirror project in my bathroom with Glass and Mirror Decorations I was a bit hesitant because I did not know what the result was going to be. But Fernando explained to me with a lot of patience and let me know in advance the value of the project that gave me security, and seeing my wall-to-wall mirror finished as he had told me was very satisfied and I can recommend it to my friends with all confidence.
Debbie S.

For me, it is very important to have a trustworthy company to carry out my projects in the properties where I work and I count on Glass & Mirror Decorations since they advise when making a project since they have experience in the glass industry, in the repair of windows, glass doors, and mirrors.
Frank T.

I am really satisfied with the change I made in my bathroom. Change the usual curtains for glass and I’m happy, that gave life, more light and I do not get wet the rest of the bathroom when my children take their bath. The advice from Glass & Mirror was very valuable and the price they gave me was available for my budget.
Mary S.

I moved to a small house and I did not know how to make the living room and dining room look wider, in Glass & Mirror they advised me and explained that with wall to wall mirrors, I could see the larger spaces, they would be more durable and it would cost less money than doing an expansion in the room. My wife and I are happy with the change!
Oliver C.